Jamie Oliver it's late now you already lost your credibility when you show support of Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working for depopulation of humanity. 
They are involved in vaccines, Monsanto Gmo's, chemtrails and every other depopulation programs for Population Control. 

Hi guys, my video message in support of Bill and Melinda Gates’ letter was in response to their big bets for the next fifteen years. My big bet is that food education for all is fundamental to fixing our broken food system and feeding the world. Following my message a lot of you have shared your concerns about GMOs so I wanted to make sure you knew that my video message wasn’t in support of GMOs but instead sharing my belief in food education. Sharing views, having a right noisy debate and getting to the food truth – including about GMOs – is essential to tackling the big problems we face and is at the heart of the Food Revolution. Jamie
That’s all well and good, but of course, the question wasn’t whether or not Jamie’s message itself was in support of GMOs  it was about whether Oliver knew what he was getting into by supporting a foundation that is heavily invested in them. 
Oliver speaking in support of the strongly Pro-GMO Gates Foundation.
After all, the Gates Foundation has a invested quite a bit in Monsanto and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting genetically engineered foods around the world.
As far as “food education” goes, it should be noted that Gates is the one who essentially helped bring about the Common Core textbook revolution in schools, one that many have decried as too beholden to corporate interests.
Surely Mr. Oliver, a hero of the local and organic food movements, was well aware of what Gates’ vision of “food education” is all about when he signed up to speak on behalf of Mr. Gates and his initiatives, don’t you think?
So, are you satisfied with Oliver’s explanation?


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