Rothschilds recently bought and now own Charlie Hebdo and the newspaper the staff retreated to, Liberation-

Why would a Rothschild connected rag like Charlie Hebdo fire a cartoonist for ‘anti.semitism’, (which is an incorrect way of saying anti Jewish and Jews are mainly of Eastern European origin and thus aren’t Semites at all),and at the same time publish the most inflammatory anti Islamic Mohamed cartoons that both inflame hatred as well as justify more government censorship based upon government terrorism?

Philippe Rothschild shared his story in Quote: “There is quite been some discussion about that acquisition. Some relatives wanted to block this purchase, because the media would make us into a political force. We want to avoid at all costs. We have nothing to do with politics, at least not in the front line.”

Charlie Hebdo took regularly Jews and Judaism in the spotlight with his Cartoons. Between the Jewish Rothschild family, the business owners and editorial independence of the magazine is a neat separation.


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