A fairy toy which appears to have male genitalia has been branded the world's first transgender doll.

The toy, which is on sale in Argentina, has caused shock among parents after a mother posted a picture of it on her Facebook account.

The mother claims her three-year-old daughter discovered what appeared to be male genitalia under the doll's skirt while playing.

It is unknown whether the 'genitalia' is intentional on the manufacturers side or a factory defect.

The mother of the girl posted a picture of the 'transgender doll' on her Facebook account and the image and story went viral, causing a stir around the country. 

The toy is made in China and was purchased from Argentine wholesaler 'Once.'

The doll has caused shock and debate across Argentina, with one member of the public explaining: 'It's very difficult to give an opinion because I'm conscious that it's a taboo subject in society... but yes, obviously, it's shocking.'

The doll was made in China and on sale in a popular toy shop in Bueno Aires, Argentina

The toy, which appears to have male genitalia, has prompted fierce debate in Argentina


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  1. That's ridiculous!! Even Ken Barbie Dolls don't have genitalia! There's no need for that on a KIDS toy!!!!



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