They say that when you see a big story in the media, look for the story they are trying to distract you from. The big story was an attack on a French satire magazine by Islamic extremists that killed 12 people. But some truth seekers around the web are asking valid questions about what appears to be a terrorist attack. 

For example, where was the blood? According to the video posted below, the shooter was shot at very close range. You would think a shot like that would leave at least a little blood splatter, unless they were using blanks. There is also no recoil on the AK as it shoots. Another question being asked is where was the traffic? Daytime in downtown Paris and not a single car or person on the street? The scene is set up as if staged. It is as if the area was cordoned off prior to the “attack” for a drill, so the “terrorists” simply parked smack dab in the middle of the road because they knew there would be no traffic. Why did the attackers feel confident enough of their getaway that they didn’t even speed off from the scene?

Some are saying that the video of the attack is false as well. A YouTube video posted by a man who goes by the name, “Dutchsinsinati” claims to have found proof that video being shown was edited. In this video, the narrator points out some very questionable details of the attack. I have to admit, I’m the kind of person who doubts everything, but this video even made me think twice. From Dutchsinsinati’s youtube page:
In the video, we can clearly see this “allahu akbar” scene was SPLICED in. The “gunmen” magically appear out of thin air AFTER the splice is done when they duck behind the chimney on the rooftop. No doubt about it. 
First there were three SWAT police on the street at the intersection AS THE BLACK CAR IS STILL ROLLING in from the left hand side of the screen from around the corner of the building.
The police then magically DISAPPEAR in a quick edit done as the camera pans down behind the chimney.
Then , within 1-2 frames, or less than 1 second time, BOTH gunman appear in the street shouting “allahu akbar”.

The police magically disappear, no return gunfire, and were not shot (no police in swat gear or on bicycles reported hurt at that location).
On the roof , where the video is being filmed from, a man in body armor is seen crouching down, then getting up rather boldly to look over and direct the camera person where to point the camera. You can see the man in the bullet proof vest point down the street at the three police in black (with white writing on their back). As they both duck down behind the chimney, the splice occurs.
Finally, at the end of the video , you see the man in the bullet proof vest again walking on the rooftop, another edit / splice , and the people with their hands in their pockets, texting and standing around while OTHERS run by in panic?!
The motives about why an attack are that France voted in favour of Palestinian State at UN!

Netanyahu warn France in November that Palestinian state recognition will be a ‘grave mistake’.

And why Most of The Exposing Videos About this FALSE FLAG Shooting Are Deleted on Youtube?!! And the informations are censored!!!
Wake Up Sheeple This Is Another False Flag Hoax done by the Israeli Zionists!!!


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