At the young age of 15, Kathy Anderson was raped by a family friend and became pregnant. She hid the pregnancy from her parents, and because of her petite frame, didn’t show for eight months.

Kathy told LifeNews, “The night I went into labor, I thought I was suffering from food poisoning. My mother took me to hospital and the doctor announced that I was nine-months pregnant. Needless to say my mother fainted and I still had no grasped of what this meant. I gave birth to a little beautiful girl. She was perfect. I wanted her like nothing I’ve ever wanted before. She was mine..all mine. They allowed her to stay in room with me and I’ll never ever forget the smell of her or those eyes looking at me.”

However, shortly after Kathy met her little girl, her mother, doctor and social workers pushed her to place her daughter for adoption.

She said, “Even though I was young I knew I would do whatever it took to care for her. I knew I could do it. I have always survived and I saw this as just another reason to live. They finally pushed me into signing the [adoption] documents and I went into a deep depression.”

Ultimately, Kathy’s daughter, Katie, was adopted by a family in Minnesota and now she is 29-years-old. Katie lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is studying to be a criminologist.

Kathy never regrets her decision not to have an abortion.

In the United States, there are approximately two million families waiting to adopt a child. But unfortunately, many women contemplating abortion feel they couldn’t bear letting their child go once they’re born. Additionally, our society favors abortion over adoption because of social stigmas and misconceptions that make women believe adopted children won’t go on to have healthy and happy lives.

Nevertheless, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Services, 85% of children who are adopted are in excellent or very good health, the same as the general population. And 81% of adoptive parents described their relationships with their children as very warm and close.


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