One in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, a research body forecasts.

Based on analysis by Cancer Research UK, this new figure replaces the previous estimate of one in three Britons contracting the disease.

Reuters / Eric Gaillard

The sudden rise in the estimate is due to researchers developing a more accurate method for analyzing cancer risk, and applies to those born after 1960.

For those born before, the chance of getting cancer remains one in three.

Overall increases in cancer risk are largely due to the fact Britons are living longer than before, with cancer more likely to affect older people.

However, it is also due to changes in lifestyle, which include factors such as weight, diet, and sun exposure.

Cancer Research UK has called on the NHS to plan ahead or risk facing “a crisis in the future.”

Britain’s ageing population is the largest contributing factor to the rise in cancer risk.


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