Speaking to a group of television and screenwriters in Washington, D.C., on Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama praised the movie and television industry in the United States for promoting same-sex marriage.
“Every day, through the movies and TV shows and ads you all create, you have the power to shape our understanding of the world around us,” said Mrs. Obama.  “You challenge our most strongly held beliefs. You influence our opinions on current events.”
Michelle Obama Praises Movie-TV Industry for Promoting Same-Sex Marriage

“So the fact is, in many ways, you all are in a unique position to help us address some of the most challenging issues that we face as a nation,” she said. “Just take an issue like gay rights.  It wasn’t all that long ago that this was a third-rail kind of issue, not just in politics, but in entertainment as well. It was considered sensitive, even controversial.
“But in the early ‘90s, that started to change,” said Mrs. Obama. “Tom Hanks won an Oscar for his portrayal of a gay character in ‘Philadelphia.’ ‘The Real World’ included an openly gay cast member.  And over the years, there was ‘Ellen’ and ‘Will and Grace,’ ‘Milk’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain.’
"Now, I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but this movie reflects those wrenching stories that I’ve heard--the complex journeys that our men and women in uniform endure," said Mrs. Obama. "The complicated moral decisions they are tasked with every day.  The stresses of balancing love of family with a love of country.  And the challenges of transitioning back home to their next mission in life.
“And here’s why a movie like this is important: See, the vast majority of Americans will never see these stories.  They will never grasp these issues on an emotional level without portrayals like this,” she said.
“But for all those folks in America who don’t have these kinds of opportunities, films and TV are often the best way we have to share those stories,” she said.

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