The 2015 Grammy Awards was just another Satanic show with the famous Illuminati puppets Madonna, Kanye & Lady Gaga showing of that they clearly worship Satan. 

This is happening with years, a pure Satanism practiced by famous musicians that some freaks  in the music industry called it an art. It's got nothing to do with art. 

But it has a lot to do with the occult practices that all this messed up musicians are practicing and participating it secret societies. 

The sheeple are still asleep and needs to be awaken about these fake musicians and their  lying and deceitful behavior.   

Stars like Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Madonna, Taylor Swift and Rihanna have long been members in the occult evil secret societies. 


The symbolism of Freemasonry, horns, pyramids, all seeing eye is all there to brainwash the masses and get them involved in pure Satanism coming from your TV while watching this bs shows. 

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