In 1969, the United States government asked Planned Parenthood for some ways to prevent overpopulation. The memo they created was called the Jaffe Memo and it shows the shocking solutions that they proposed, many of which are now happening in our culture.

Since this collaboration between Planned Parenthood and the US government, not only have women been “empowered” to get out of their homes, away from their children, and into the workplace so that children are indoctrinated at a younger age, but our water supply is now contaminated with an enormous amount of chemicals that just so happen to reduce fertility. Since Obama’s reign has begun as President, we have see another one of the Planned Parenthood population reduction goals come to be – the ‘reduction/elimination of paid maternity leave or benefits’, making it far more difficult for a women to be able to raise a child and support a family.

As a society we are moving towards all of these genocidal goals, and behind them is planned parenthood and a group of repulsive individuals within government.

In case you aren’t aware, Planned Parenthood is a tax exempt organization that is funded by the tax payers. That’s right, an organization which has been implementing plans to destroy your family, increase abortions, promote extraordinary sexual promiscuity in your children, is being funded by your money, for profit.

According to Whistleblower and former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, Planned Parenthood clinics actually have abortion quotas – target numbers of abortions to perform in order to meet its budget. Johnson left the Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas in 2012, and has been an outspoken whistleblower against the organization ever since. She released a 2010 budget statement that shows the clinic was supposed to perform at least 1, 135 abortions that year.

Planned Parenthood collected 1 billion dollars revenue in 2008, and now they are pushing for no restrictions on birth control and abortion, with the government and Barack Obama by their side.
Planned Parenthood’s Ultimate Goal

Our enemy must be understood in order for us to destroy them, so what are the ultimate goals of this disturbing organization which conveniently places all of its clinics in areas where women are impoverished and vulnerable?

Former Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Abby Johnson has stated that the goal of Planned Parenthood is unrestricted, unregulated abortion and contraceptives, on demand.

“They will do anything to make it happen…including coercion, breaking the law, underhanded deals, and dirty politics.”


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