“…[B]y enabling two-way, real-time communications, smart meters can give customers the information they need to control their own energy use and reduce their electricity cost,” so said Jim Marston, a ‘smart meter’ supporter with the Environmental Defense Fund. [1] [CJF emphasis added]

That, obviously, is only one part of the serious issues regarding electromagnetic energy technology known as ‘Smart Meters’. So, if SMs can communicate information out of your house, what is it sending and to whom, especially if it’s transmitted via microwaves? Hopefully—or, is it only theory—that moment-by-moment surveillance data cannot be intercepted by anyone, including burglars or other identity thieving individuals. Regardless, there are serious doubts about that information’s security and risks. Moreover, there are dubious and rightful concerns that the information generated within every ‘smart-metered’-home is being sold to special interest commodity producers as ‘leads’ for their merchandising campaigns!

As far as enabling the reduction of electricity costs for consumers, everyone complains that since a ‘smart meter’ was placed on their house, their electric bills have DOUBLED! So much for transparency and truth-in-advertising! Remember when consumers were sold a bill of goods that nuclear-power-generated electricity would be so cheap, that it wouldn’t have to be metered? [2]

But, the most egregious of all problems with ‘smart meters’ is the apparent adverse health effects from the electromagnetic radiation they send into personal homes. That is a serious concern not only in the USA but in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK, which makes one wonder or question if it’s related to the United Nations’ Agenda 21 or what’s called “one world government” and its surveillance techniques.

Rather interestingly and unapologetically, Jim Marston of the EDF said that the environmental benefits of the meters outweigh any such risk. [1] [CJF emphasis added] How callously outrageous! So, keeping that in mind, consumers have to know how to protect themselves, their children’s health, plus their homes, and that’s the reason for this article. It’s going to be a little long, but chock full of useful information. Have fun!

Policy Report “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid”

According to a Press Release from the National Institute for Science, Public Law and Policy,

“Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” states that Congress, state and local governments, as well as ratepayers, have been misled about the potential energy and cost saving benefits of the new “smart” meters, paid for in large part with taxpayer dollars, as well as ratepayer dollars. The report adds that the smart meters are confused with the much broader concept of the smart grid, and that the undue emphasis on meters diverts resources badly needed for key elements of a true smart grid technology.

Timothy Schoechle, PhD, who authored that report, “has been engaged in development of electric utility meters, home automation systems, gateways, and energy management systems for over 25 years, and who sits on several international standards setting committees related to the smart grid, calls the smart meter being rolled out across the U.S. “a canard—a story or hoax based on specious claims about energy benefits…[3]

By the way, synonyms for “canard” are false report, untruth, rumor, falsehood—even myth!

Furthermore, “Schoechle says the present policy approach to electricity infrastructure in the U.S. evidences a “fundamental lack of understanding of the problems associated with the future of electricity and energy”. [3] So, what does that tell us? Sounds like the makings of what everyone loves to dabble with, “conspiracy theories” regarding control mechanisms!

In his report, Dr. Schoechle mentions 9 key points that everyone ought to know, which are:
Data to be collected by the smart meters,including intimate personal details of citizens’ lives, is not necessary to the basic purpose of the smart grid, ….
Federal, state and local governments have mistakenly believed that the installation of smart meters will somehow lead to reduction in use of fossil fuels, greater electricity efficiency and long-term energy economy benefits for the U.S. …. [CJF emphasis added]


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