It was recently reported that $400 million worth of US military weapons went missing in Yemen over the past several years. The equipment includes helicopters, night-vision gear, surveillance equipment, military radios and airplanes. 


The area has been filled with conflict in recent years, and the US military has been sending weapons and money to the Yemeni government and military. According to the Pentagon, the intensified fighting has made it difficult for them to keep track of their weapons in the region, resulting in the massive blunder.

In exchange for the weapons, money and military support, the Yemeni government has opened their borders for US drone strikes, allowing their citizens to become targets.

“We continue to monitor the situation in Yemen closely and, as the security environment permits, we will continue working with the Government of Yemen to ensure equipment granted or sold to the Government of Yemen by the United States remains accounted for,” a Pentagon official told The Guardian.

Meanwhile, American drones still continue to kill people in Yemen. Just last week a drone strike killed four people in Yemen, and although it was reported that these victims were suspected terrorists, there was no evidence to support this claim, and this excuse is often given even when the victims are obviously innocent.


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