The internet has been salivating at the prospect of getting stoned and eating fried chicken this week, after reports circulated that KFC is to become a marijuana dispensary as well as a restaurant.

A story on Racket Report claimed that with tax revenue from sales of the drug being so high in Colorado, KFC wanted a piece of the action, with the added benefit that its chicken would see a boost in sales thanks to the munchies.

It looks to be false for several reasons however:

– Racket Report has carried a lot of hoax stories in the past

– KFC hasn’t mentioned marijuana on its official news page

– Marijuana sales are currently cash only which would make things tricky for the chain

– Marijuana is still in somewhat of a legal grey area and probably not crystal clear enough for a giant brand to start slinging it

– KFC doesn’t even sell alcohol, so they’d really be jumping in at the deep end


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