Looks like people are very fast waking up.
Now almost anybody is talking about New World Order.
New World Order is said to bring more harm than good to most humans. Only one source of power will rule over the world. In other terms, there will be world domination.
They say that those who are already in power are funding wars for the last centuries so that people will actually wish for a stronger authority over the world? Are they just distracting Catholics and Islam? Or are they doing all these wars for us to long for one powerful entity? How true is this accusation?
(Credit: Reuters ) Elite people are said to be supporting New World Order. George W. Bush, New World Order Supporter?

Let's find more about this from this post.
According to one source, some people from the elite society are members of Illuminati or 'globalists'. They say that these people are worshippers of Satan and do not believe in Jesus Christ. They are working for Satan in preparation for world domination. It might be weird to believe, but other people are convinced that these filthy rich people are behind the wars we witness today. Since they can buy practically almost everything, they control the media to get away from all the crimes they have masterminded. One of these popular globalists is George W. Bush.
It's hard to forget the 911 bombing at the World Trade Center, New York. A report stated that this is not an act of terrorist group which we know. It's actually an evil plot of illuminati. In the video which can be found from the same source, you will see that the people were forming an 'eye' when ground zero was being built. They say that this is a form of mockery!
This New World Order has been scaring a lot of people, that's why there are some who created their own manuals how to get away from this. You can see more from here. It was believed that the only way you can survive this is by following what the bible has been telling us.


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