Of-course global warming was a hoax. 

Yet another bitterly cold, snowy winter is destroying alarmist global warming claims, proving once again that over-the-top global warming predictions are proving no more scientifically credible than snake oil.

This morning, stunning photos show New England lobster boats frozen in port, looking like they are stranded deep within the Arctic Circle. The boats have been frozen in place for weeks, which would be remarkable enough if this were the middle of January. However, the calendar is about to turn to March.

Connecticut is experiencing its coldest February in recorded history. So is Michigan. So is Toronto. Cleveland and Chicago are experiencing their second coldest February in recorded history. Frigid and record cold temperatures are being set from Key West to International Falls. At the same time, blizzard after blizzard is burying much of the nation with record winter snow totals, with winter snowfall records beings set from Boston to Denver.

Bitter cold and snowfall records shatter global warming claims.

Global warming activists are in full-throttle damage control, desperately claiming global warming causes record snow and cold.

The Center for American Progress claimed, “climate change may have affected the [Boston] snowstorm — may have made it more likely, may have made it worse than it would have been without so much greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.”

National Geographic published an article titled, “Blizzard of Nor’easters No Surprise, Thanks to Climate Change.”

“How global warming can worsen snowfalls,” read a Boston Globe headline.

Global warming alarmists’ own prior global warming claims, however, indict their current claims.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated very clearly, “Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms.” Well, winters are clearly not becoming milder or bereft of heavy snowstorms.

Many global warming activists are still attempting to defend the discredited IPCC prediction, claiming a single winter does not invalidate a long-term trend. As the Union of Concerned Scientists claimed, “Winters have generally been warming faster than other seasons in the United States and recent research indicates that climate change” is causing it. The problem with such an assertion is that last winter was exceptionally cold and snowy, too. And winters nationwide have been getting colder for the past 20 years. Objective scientific data show winters have been getting colder and colder throughout the United States for the past two decades. When global warming alarmists claim winters will become warmer and free of snow, yet their predictions are proven false for 20 years in a row, at some point logical people come to realize that global warming alarmists are selling snake oil.


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