IRS apologizes for seizing bank accounts for structuring financial transactions under $10,000 -…/poli…/ap-us-irs-seizing-assets.html

Attorney General Eric Holder reforms structuring law so that IRS cannot seize funds and bank accounts unless there is proof money was used for illegal criminal activity -…/attorney-general-holder-asset-forfeit…/

Our brother in the Lord, the founder of Creation Science Evangelism, Kent Hovind has been in prison for 101 months due to a law the IRS and now the DOJ are now admitting was misused to prosecute law abiding citizens who kept financial transactions under $10,000 to avoid bank reporting requirements. The law was originally set up to catch drug dealers and money laundering criminals who would make large financial transactions to fund their criminal operations. Many, including brother Hovind have been prosecuted by the IRS when there was in fact the money they were withdrawing was for perfectly legal uses with no criminal intent.

Write your congressman and demand that Kent Hovind and the many others who have been thrown in prison for this law be freed immediately as they are being unjustly prosecuted. The structuring law needs to be repealed, made retroactive, and compensation needs to be demanded for those unjustly prosecuted and convicted.

The United States is now attempting to throw Dr. Hovind in prison for life on new charges of mail fraud. They claim he attempted to defraud the US govt by him mailing a letter called a "Les Pendons"(litigation pending) on properties his creation science ministry owned that the IRS seized. Les pendons lets the potential buyer know that litigation is pending, it does not block the sale of the property. The property was sold anyway and now the US govt is attempting to lock Kent Hovind away for life. The new trial is set to begin May 18th. We need to be praying fervently for brother Hovind and writing Congress to release him immediately. Check out the links below for up to date information on his case and ways you can help

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