It’s not enough that the big-eared emperor is parading around without any clothes on, he and his comrades are engaging in an orgy of power lust and greed right in front of us. Look away kids and take the dogs to the back yard. There’s no telling where this could end up.

The extortionist panhandler that goes by the title of UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has been on a fundraising tour on behalf of the emergency that doesn’t exist, holding out his tin cup in the creation of the mother of all slush funds.

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Just like a whiny soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Ban is taking his $100 billion dollar message of “but you promised” to anyone willing to listen and donate other people’s money in exchange for a piece of his action.

On Saturday he appeared at an International Monetary Fund event in Washington. It’s a natural that one who will need a distribution network for large sums of slushy cash would promote his scam at one of their events.

Ban proclaimed that all of us “evil pollution breathers” have some nebulous obligation to enrich his world government organization based upon the improper and unwarranted promises of self-serving politicians such as the infamous climate criminal, Hussein Obama. He said, “We need a credible trajectory for realizing the $100 billion goal per year by 2020, as well as the operationalization of the Green Climate Fund.” The Korean Ban made up a big English word to match the big lies he’s telling.

If the UN produced anything of value Ban could get up off of his knees, take the financial IV he has hooked to our treasury out of the UN’s clenched fist and make their own money. They won’t, there’s just simply too much benefit to being a parasite.

Ban said, “This was a commitment which was made in 2009 during the Copenhagen climate change summit meeting. We have only mobilized $10 billion as an initial capitalization of this Green Climate Fund. I would really hope that there will be a trajectory, a path, which will be shown to the member-states.”

Ban shook his cup at a conveniently scheduled pre-Earth Day concert in DC on Saturday night as well, telling the mindless youth who have no idea of what he’s up to, “I want to hear from you. It’s our last chance to slow global warming.”

Good enough, it’s the last chance, so if we tell him no one more time he’ll shut up about it? No, he didn’t mean the last last chance, just the last chance until he asks the next time. That last chance.

The current last chance has a goal of reaching annual contributions to his UN Climate Slush fund of $100 billion annually by the year 2020, so it’s at least a five year long last chance.

Ban was sniveling that he’s only been able to arm-twist 33 countries into a paltry $10.2 billion, three billion of which was donated by Obama Claus from our treasury last November. What does the planet want that costs $100 billion a year and where do you buy it, Ban? Is it available in green?

The answer is the money isn’t for planet, obviously our Earth doesn’t spend money. It’s for the profiteering politicians and UN officials who are lining their pockets with the stupidity of the people of the world. If they’re dumb enough to allow them to get away with it, then… hey wait a minute, that’s my money too!

It’s all part of the lead up to the big Paris summit in November where they expect us to shamefully cave and become “global citizens,” shedding our Neanderthal nationalism in the interest of assuming our rightful place among the paupers of the world; no better, no worse, but certainly soon to be more remorseful for throwing away a perfectly good nation in exchange for a false promise that funded their criminal operation.

Their comrades at the World Bank highlighted two key components to their scheme, carbon taxes paid to our new masters at the UN and mandated phasing out of fossil fuel subsidies.

Of course they downplay the significance of their actions as the truth would be an impossible sale to make. The IMF and its sister criminal enterprise the World Bank issued a report on Saturday stating, “With a small percentage of the money that [is] saved by ending subsidies or of the revenue raised from a carbon tax or permit sale going to climate finance, governments could help meet the $100 billion climate finance commitment and other mitigation and adaptation needs.”

Who gets that money specifically and for what purposes is of course never mentioned. There is no legitimacy to what they are doing, and criminals know it’s bad practice to brag to their victims.

CNSNews reports that a coalition of eight countries – Costa Rica, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, none of them significant fossil fuel producers, calling itself “Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform,” bemoaned on Friday the fact that governments spent more than $548 billion on fossil fuel subsidies in 2013. They want that money to be redistributed among the beggar nations such as themselves, in a global socialist wealth redistribution through the UN conspiracy. It’s that naked communism that the UN was designed to usher in now starting to take form.

They note that the amount was five times the ridiculous $100 billion that the UN is targeting as their initial baseline in their extortion program a number that will surely grow exponentially, as these things do.


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