Splenda is an artificial sweetener that is substituted for regular sugar,but scientists are finding that it has gone from safe to caution after they found leukemia found in mice.

The food safety advocacy group has downgraded the rating for sucralose, this artificial sweetener is better known as Splenda, from ‘safe’ to ‘caution’ in the chemical guide to food additives. The Center for Science in the public interest, a nonprofit watchdog group, announced they were downgrading the safety rating of sucralose from safe to caution which meant that the additive could pose a risk and needed to be better tested.

There was a study done at an independent Italian laboratory that indicated when mice were fed with Splenda regularly, and they developed Leukemia. The evidence on top of a list of studies that discouraged the use of Splenda is a reason the FDA has changed the safety rating. A study done in 2002 that showed that Splenda damaged the DNA of mice. DNA damage can be the cause of cancer in many case.

In a study done by 2008 researchers said that Splenda had the potential to kill off necessary bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Killing this bacteria can lead to disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, this bacteria helps with digestion and fights invaders. This unpublished study, researchers found that sucralose can cause leukemia in mice who are exposed before birth.

So what are you to do if you use Splenda? Your best bet is just completely avoid it. “In order to avoid the risks of both sugars and non-caloric sweeteners, the CSPI is encouraging people to switch to water, seltzer water, flavored unsweetened waters, seltzer mixed with some fruit juice or unsweetened iced tea. After this information was released to the public, a statement was released by Johnson and Johnson, which markets Splenda, stating that “more than 110 studies conducted over 20 years have proven the safety of sucralose.”


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