A minor Thai royal has posted on Facebook that Hitler was a genius whom Jewish bankers and Zionists destroyed, DPA reported Thursday.

Adolf Hitler

Rungguna Kitiyakara, 46, a descendant of 19th century King Rama V and a distant cousin of Queen Sirikit, also wrote that the Holocaust had never occurred, and was only "propaganda" designed to elicit sympathy for Jewish actions against Palestinians.

The post drew a protest from Simon Roded, Israel's ambassador to Thailand, who expressed "disappointment and regret" over Kitiyakara's post, saying it was "a shame that someone with such opportunity, and education … would perpetuate a myth that history has proven false."

If you reasurch this topic deep you will find the truth...

The winners are the one that write the history and the winners of WWII were Zionists Banksters that sponsored 2 sides. 


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