This is why I don't eat beef. O no it's not, I just don't. :)

Study reveals dangers if meat is not properly cooked.

Almost all ground beef eaten by Americans contains bacteria at levels high enough to cause illness, according to a new study.

A study has revealed all ground beef eaten by Americans contains levels of faecal contamination. File image used
Consumer Reports tested 300 packages of ground beef from 103 stores in 26 cities across the country in order to test the prevalence of bacteria in the meat.

Incredibly, every product purchased contained bacteria showing faecal contamination - which can lead to E. coli and blood or urinary infections.

Although the bacteria is unlikely to cause illness if the meat it cooked properly, unlike white meats such as chicken and pork, many people choose to consume their red meat rare.

According to the report, ground beef also poses particular problems because it bacteria can be easily spread throughout several batches during production.

Furthermore, the bacteria on single cuts of beef such as a steak are often limited to the piece of meat's exterior which is easily killed in cooking.

But the bacteria in grounded beef is spread throughout the entirety of the package of meat.

The report stated: 'Also contributing to ground beef’s bacteria level: The meat and fat trimmings often come from multiple animals, so meat from a single contaminated cow can end up in many packages of ground beef.
Experts have warned there is no possible way to tell if meat is infected just by looking at it

'And then there’s the way home cooks handle raw ground beef: kneading it with bare hands to form burger patties or a meatloaf.

'Unless you’re scrupulous about washing your hands thoroughly afterward, bacteria can remain and contaminate everything you touch - from the surfaces in your kitchen to other foods you are preparing.'

Urvashi Rangan, Consumer Reports' executive director for food safety and sustainability, said: 'There’s no way to tell by looking at a package of meat or smelling it whether it has harmful bacteria or not. You have to be on guard every time.'


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