This man is sick.

This almost unbelievable story includes elitist billionaires working alongside multinational pharmaceutical companies equipped with cutting-edge biotech and wireless remote control technology, all driven by an alarming passion for planetary depopulation. You might want to sit down for this; in the next pages we’ll find out why Bill Gates wants to start human beta testing microchips implanted inside women worldwide.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding a project with a stated intent to offer “birth-control microchip implants”. While this description sounds only mildly creepy, the potential implications are chilling and the reality of remote-controlled human reproduction is nearly a reality on a wide scale:

Testing on women volunteers is set to begin this year.

Chips are set to be distributed by 2018.

The project is being presented as a tool to aid female empowerment a tiny wireless chip implanted in women provides a sort of sterilization switch, but there is potential for horrible accidents on a large scale and the supporters of the system tend to gloss over the potential for unethical misuse.

There are many worrisome aspects of wireless “pregnancy-Gates,” but they all come back to one fundamental question: “Who is in control of the woman’s ability to conceive?” Rights activists insist that women have “the right to choose,” but if a wirelessly activated chip, provided and maintained by Big Pharma controls a woman’s fertility how is that empowering?

What if there is a malfunction? Do we want to rely on a birth control chip remaining error free and harmless? And that assumes there is never any malicious action involving criminals hacking wireless signals or even, heaven forbid, some overt misconduct by the organization that provides and maintains the chip. Eugenics, anyone?

OK, that is starting to be just terrifying BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN THE WORST!

Another less obvious but more insidious aspect of wireless steriliztion implants is the potential for human tracking and monitoring. The U.S. government has already demonstrated an uncontrollable desire to monitor its own citizens via cell phone metadata, intrusive TSA inspections and even warrant-less snooping by the FBI and local law-enforcement. If the pregnancy-Gates are implanted in a large percentage of the female population, as Gates seems eager to achieve, it’s almost a given that the government would pounce on the opportunity to monitor and track women by their wireless chip transmissions.

TWCN Tech News explained some of the details of the microchip implant:

The birth control chip is the brain child of a professor, Robert Langer, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bill Gates and Melinda foundation has funded the research and the prototype is ready for human testing. The chips will be ready for sale by the year 2018 according to Robert Langer. The institute’s Chip Foundation and Bill Gates’ foundation have been working on the birth control chip for past three years.

The chip’s size is 20mm by 20mm by 7mm. The reservoirs of hormones would be stored on a microchip of 1.5cm. The chip’s data would always be encrypted so that others (cybercriminals or hackers) cannot access the information contained in the chip or misuse/alter or destroy it.


The release of hormones will be done by melting a part of solid hormonal stock using a small electric shock which won’t be noticed by humans.


The safety tests would begin by the end of year 2015 and Robert Langer is confident that the chips will hit market sometime in 2018.

Well, TWCN reports the chips are encrypted. That’s a relief! That means they are totally immune to malicious hackers, right? No hidden ‘backdoor’ access into the chip or wireless access makes it possible for governments to decide to shut off or turn on an individual woman’s fertility or to control fertility on a broader basis, right?

Maybe the world is better off taking approaches that are not implicitly exposed to abuse or error, especially when the consequences are so potentially serious.

Maybe humanity should critically question the wisdom of opting in to a remote-control pregnancy switch funded by an elite depopulation enthusiast.


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H/T: DCClothesline

Photo: Joi Ito on Flickr, TWCN Tech News

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