After Donald Trump kicked Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of a recent press conference, the reaction was mixed. What was not captured on video by cable news was a confrontation between Ramos and an angry Trump supporter.

During a campaign stop in Iowa on August 25, the Republican front runner took questions in the press room from a variety of journalists. When Ramos attempted to press Trump on his controversial stance on immigration, Trump lashed out and had the Univision anchor removed from the room. Trump later let Ramos back in and had a brief, but heated discussion with him, but not before an angry supporter confronted the respected Hispanic journalist, as reported by Think Progress.

“You were very rude, this is not about you,” the Trump supporter said, while cutting Ramos off in the hallway and telling him "get out of my country." Ramos attempted to respond, telling the unidentified man "this is my country," noting that he was a legal American citizen. Looking disgusted, the Trump supporter responded with a finger in Ramos' face saying, "well, whatever. Univision-whatever. It’s not about you." A security officer than came in between the two, as the conversation came to a close.

When Trump announced he was running for president on June 16, he made headlines when he referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "criminals." After releasing his immigration plan, Trump revealed that he wants to round up and deport all 11.2 million illegal immigrants, while repealing birthright citizenship, even though it's protected under the 14th Amendment. The cost of Trump's immigration plan has been estimated at nearly $200 billion, though the former host of "The Apprentice" has not explained how it would be paid for.


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