Israel has pounded with artillery and launched airstrikes against 14 Syrian military positions in Golan Heights, holding Damascus responsible for failing to prevent a rocket attack on Israeli territory which the IDF pinned on an “Iran funded Islamic Jihad” group.

According to IDF sources, the air force and artillery struck “five or six times” in the Syrian Golan, hitting Damascus’s military facilities in the area. Two of the rockets allegedly struck open areas in the Golan Heights and two others landed in the Upper Galilee far from the border with Syria. In addition to Golan airstrikes by the Israeli military, unconfirmed reports emerged that the IDF also targeted Syrian 137th Regiment near Damascus.

“The [Israeli] army sees Syria as responsible for the fire, and it will pay the price for it,” the IDF statement said. The Israeli army also said that the rockets were fired by the Islamic Jihad movement “with Iranian funding and direction.”

Thursday assault on Israel caused no injuries or damages and came several hours after Israel deployed Iron Dome anti-missile batteries in Ashdod and Be’ersheba.

According to the IDF, earlier rockets came to Israel from the central part of the Golan Heights controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, and were fired by the Islamic Jihad militants.

However, despite their previous threats of retaliation against Israel for the detention of Mohammed Allan – an alleged member of the group, who had been on hunger strike since June – the Islamic Jihad denied the Israeli claims of their responsibility.

“Israel is trying to divert attention from the defeat that it suffered in the face of the determination of the hero prisoner, Mohammed Allan,” Dawoud Shehab, an Islamic Jihad spokesman in Gaza told Reuters. Allan ended his strike on Wednesday after an intervention by the Israeli court system.


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