After reading this article, please listen to the video below which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove this malware and Trojans from your phone.

An alarming report coming from Cyber-security expert Gary Miliefsky warns of a malicious application on your smart phone that is infecting over 500 million people’s cell phones.

It’s a simple, harmless looking app that almost everybody has downloaded onto their cell phone. It is stealing your personal information, contacts, banking account info and anything else you have stored on your device.
So, what is this application?

– Your flashlight app –

We have all installed a flashlight app onto our cell phones. But how could this app be so malicious in stealing our data?

The top 10 flashlight apps that you can download from the Google Play Store and iTunes are all malware.

They are malicious, they are spying, and they are snooping – Worse yet, they are STEALING!

They are stealing your information from three main countries which include China, India and Russia.

They are using your information for criminal purposes.

Listen to the interview in the video below. And see exactly how to remove this application from your phone.

It is not just as simple as deleting the application, you must go through a process to delete the Trojans that are left behind even after the application is deleted.


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