New information has come to light as Obama continues his unconstitutional drive toward stricter gun control. We all remember how after the tragedy at Sandy Hook quite the uproar was heard throughout the country and whether stricter gun laws would help. This was met with strong opposition, and immediately shut down the government’s attempts of hindering the second amendment.

Unfortunately one state was able to infringe on these freedoms when the NY SAFE Act was signed into law.

After Obama was silenced on the issue, he took the only other way he knew how. Instead of going through our country’s court, he is attempting to pass a law through the World’s Court – the UN.

As more and more people dig into the secretive intentions of the president, the more shocking information they seem to uncover.

According to recent reports, Obama’s gun control law is based on a 1961 State Department memorandum titled, “The United States Program For General And Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World.” That’s right, a memorandum on how all second amendment rights will be disavowed and guns will be forcefully removed from citizen possession.

It has happened before. During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, all guns were confiscated in order to ensure residents safety. The truth of the matter was, if you had a gun, it was taken, sometimes leaving honest people with nothing to defend themselves with. An Infantryman told how they would come to the houses late at night, introduce themselves as the National Guard and ask if anyone needed any assistance.

After announcing themselves, they kicked in the doors and began to warrentlessly search the premises for firearms.

Returning to the document, it states that a UN “Peace Force” will be constructed in order to “enforce the peace as the disarmament process proceeds.”

Isn’t that an oxymoron? – Enforce the peace?

The document continues to shed light saying “all types of conventional weapons, notably including small arms and light weapons.” This means that all civilian weaponry will be targeted in the confiscation of weapons in effort to minimize any resistance. This, in turn, gives free rein to whoever is in control creating, once again, an unopposed tyranny.

This memorandum isn’t the only thing frightening gun owners. Two manuals have been release to US military forces showing how to not only disarm Americans, but also when to kill rioters and demonstrators in effort to squash defiance.

Sounds like an America I hope to never bear witness to.

Let us know what you would do if the Government came knocking on your door demanding you hand over your weapons. 


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