Former French Minister Dumas: West was preparing attack on Syria before crisis started

The former and known French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas has revealed in new statements about Syria, the proxy war and conflict as well as the Western intentions in the Middle East and especially in Syria, that there really was and is a plot that was devised by several Western countries – primarily Britain and France – in order to overthrow and topple the Syrian government in the capital Damascus already before the conflict and crisis has started in Syria.
Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

The former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said in an exclusive interview with a correspondent of the Syrian state news agency SANA in Paris, France, that he has been invited to a party where two people, one guy from France and one guy from Britain, have asked him if he would be interested to participate in the preparations of an attack on Syria in order to overthrow the Syrian government and President al-Assad.

According to the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, he refused this strange offer, but the following events prove that these people were serious about what they have asked at this party in Britain and that the plot was finally carried out later.

The former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas also voiced surprise over the French government’s positions in this exclusive interview with SANA and said, for example, that the paths chosen by the governments of former President Nicolas Sarkozy and current President Francois Holland aren’t the correct and honest paths that will lead to peace in Syria and everybody just can agree to the words of the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas.

In terms of the Western plot against Syria, the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said in this interview that in his opinion, the current international stance, which was formed around Syria, is just a part of the plot and the West policies in such issues are no policies of peace but rather policies of war and that he personally opposes war and supports the path that will lead to peace.

In terms of the so-called (external) Syrian opposition, former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said that this “opposition” is multifaceted, and that countries like the both Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia are involved in the fighting taking place in Syria against the legitimate government in the capital Damascus. Of course, the former French Minister is correct when he says that “a peaceful solution is not achieved by letting people fight” and that the deliveries of weapons to Syria will not solve the crisis and conflict in this Arab nation.

The former French Minister Roland Dumas also pointed out in this interview with SANA in Paris, France, that the Syrian government and the army are reclaiming regions and areas, which gunmen have seized, and that this is a good sign for him. He also noted that the policy of France towards the conflict in Syria seems very strange and that the French government had been opposing the idea of another international conference on the topic Syria in Geneva (Geneva II.) – and this in a manner, which is contrary to the traditional political creed of France.

The former French Foreign Minister Dumas also said in this interview in Paris that the international laws are only good for achieving peace when its time comes, and that there’s no hope of ending the crisis in Syria when not all parties and countries will participate in such an international conference, which will be held exactly for this purpose.


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