Donald Trump is known for saying a lot of controversial things. When it comes to supporting the police – right or wrong – he is no different. The Republican presidential hopeful pledged on Saturday that he would give even more power and weapons to already increasingly militarized American police departments. All of this, he explained, is in an effort to “get rid” of gangs.


Many called this a thinly-veil reference to race, as few understood him to imply targeting predominantly Caucasian motorcycle clubs, or even Neo-Nazi gangs across the nation. Instead, he seemed fixated – as usual – on “Mexican gangs.”

The bizarre GOP frontrunner also said that he would soon make an announcement as to whether or not he will run as an independent candidate. That announcement, he promised, would happen “very soon,” according to the International Business Times.

The speech too place at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. There Trump stated that getting rid of gang in cities like Baltimore and Chicago, is “one of the first” priorities he would have as president.

“We’re going to get rid of those gang members so fast your head will spin,” he said to the audience.

Trump said, in an official position, that Mexico is “taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty” from Mexico to the United States.

Trump says that the Republican party has treated him “very, very fairly.” But he promises some “very interesting” things to come in the next two weeks.

If his past actions are any indication, that likely means more finger-pointing at “gangs” and “Mexicans” and more pandering to the Police State apparatus and apologists for police brutality.


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  1. "Many called this a thinly-veil reference to race"

    Only if your race is identified with criminal gangs. Black and mexican gangs are much more predominant than any white gangs. Stop the left wing bullshit.



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