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Obama even admitted the US trains ISIS! It’s in this video. 

Also Scott Bennet uncovered the US companies and kingpins that fund ISIS! 

He gave it to every member of Congress and nobody did anything! 

Only Rand Paul even sent a letter saying he got the information but he didn’t do anything! 

Send this information VIRAL so everybody knows the truth about ISIS and everything ….

Russia has finally called the bluff of the criminal government of the US who are funding, equipping and training ISIS! Remember how they told us that we had to attack ISIS and destroy them while at the same time letting them take over huge armories of weapons, vehicles, and even helicopters in Iraq! Remember how they let ISIS steal billions of dollars in cash from Iraqi banks?

The Fake News has been telling us for more than a year that we need to bomb ISIS and put boots on the ground. Well, Russa just decided to help us! That’s right, they called our bluff and have boots on the ground fighting ISIS and jets flying around Syrian skies! You would think that the US would be ELATED that we are getting help in destroying ISIS from the Russians but nope. Since the US runs ISIS and they use it as a proxy army, now the criminal leadership of the US is foaming at the mouth that Russia is now going to destroy their ISIS army! Now our criminal officials are saying that Russian presence would be “destabilizing and counter-producting”. What a joke!

Apparently some Russian equipment and a few soldiers have already been captured in the fight as you will hear about in this article from Zero Hedge.


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