RT is calling the storm of refuges from the Middle East to Europe the “Worst refugee crisis since WWII.The pope is calling on Europe to support more refuge families while the United Nations wants Europe to take in 229,000 permanent refuges from the Middle East. Yet many of the Middle Eastern nations have done nothing to help their fellow brothers and the world expects Europe and the West to help these people. Saudi Arabia who is the biggest ally of the West has taken in zero refuges. We wrote about this yesterday and briefly explained why this is transpiring.

WEB Notes Cont.:Let us now look at some numbers that will enable us to understand the situation in Syria. The United Nations is reporting over 220,000 people have been killed in Syria by the raging war. According to the chart below roughly 4,000,000 million Syrians have taken refuge in other nations to escape the violence. According to this chart 7,600,000 million Syrians are internally displaced, meaning they have been driven from their homes by the war and remain in Syria. This is out of a total population of roughly 23,000,000 million people!

This means roughly 18% of the population of Syria has left the nation due to the war caused by the West through their funding of terrorist groups. While 33% of the population have had to leave their homes and remain in Syria. This amounts to just over 51% of the population that has been displaced overall. Can you imagine the chaos raging in that nation right now? It is far beyond anything that we are being told or shown.

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