Whether we know it or not, the government is locking us down through identification regulations, TruNews’ Rick Wiles says. Wiles points to the Real ID Act passed in 2005 as a tipping point for the Department of Homeland Security to buckle down on tracking our every move. The identification you use now to drive, board airplanes, enter government buildings, etc. may no longer be acceptable in the eyes of those in power, Wiles says.

15 2015 10 10 Is The Real ID Act The Beginning Of The Mark Of The Beast?

While the Real ID phases are only at their nascent stages, Jim Bakker forewarns Americans about what is to come. “They can literally put an edict on it that you cannot buy food, you cannot buy anything,” Bakker says. The law is in effect now, as in the fall of 2015—the end of the Shemitah, beginning of the Super Shemitah, the fourth blood moon and stock market turmoil—which sets off prophetic alarm bells for Wiles.


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