It appears all bets are off. The western Illuminati has failed spectacularly to ignite their European WW3 via Ukraine. The attempt to start a Greater Asia War is also mired by the resistance of the Japanese people against the Abe government. With time running out (23 Sept 2017 is only 715 days away), the western Illuminati may just be desperate enough to ignite a nuclear war in the Middle East: US+NATO+allies vs Russi+China+allies. (As things progress now, the Middle East will be under the control of Russia and allies, unless of course, the west intervenes.)

WW3_Final_War_before_New_World_Order Syria

NATO Threatens To Send In Troops After Russia Stations Ground “Battalion” In Syria
by Tyler Durden,
As the propaganda “war” between East and West intensifies ahead of what might ultimately transform into an actual war in the skies above Syria, the world is transfixed with the scope of Russia’s week-old military campaign in support of the Assad regime.

Thanks to the fact that the West selected Islamic militants as its anti-Assad weapon of choice, Putin gets to pitch the entire effort as a “war on terror” which means The Kremlin effectively has a license to brag and sure enough, slickly-produced ISIS videos of beheadings have now been definitively replaced by slickly-produced videos of Russian warships launching cruise missiles at terrorist targets.

In short, Moscow is on a roll both militarily (of course that’s not difficult when you’re a superpower playing against a couple of JV militias) and perceptually, which makes it possible to continually ratchet up the pressure on anti-regime forces as the global applause only seems to grow with each incremental escalation much to chagrin of both the Pentagon and Washington’s Mid-East allies and as we said earlier this week, “a very likely course of events is that despite Russia’s denials, the Pentagon will use the gambit of a Russian ground campaign, credible or not, to get permission from Congress to send a ‘small’, at first, then bigger ground force of US troops in Syria to, you guessed it, ‘fight ISIS’, but really to do everything to prevent Russian troops from taking over key strategic positions.”

On Thursday we get the latest set of headlines from Syria, starting with NATO asserting that Russia has a ground battalion at the ready supported by tanks. Here’s Reuters:

Russia’s military build-up in Syria includes a “considerable and growing” naval presence, long-range rockets and a battalion of ground troops backed by Moscow’s most modern tanks, the U.S. ambassador to NATO said on Wednesday.

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