Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States included a stop in the City of Brotherly Love and the epicenter of America’s constitutional government, but not everyone was happy about it. In fact, some saw it as something completely different — sinister, even — as perhaps a prelude of things to come. 

19 2015 10 17 Philadelphia Government Used Pope Francis Visit As Beta Test For City Lockdown And Martial Law

Prior to the pontiff’s late September visit, officials in Philadelphia enacted major security measures that included the closure of major roads, schools and other institutions. In response, one chef took to Facebook to voice his frustration with the measures, as well as his concern over them.

“We’re clearly all thrilled that Pope Francis is here,” Marc Vitri wrote. “Never has there been a pope in history that people have such admiration for while having such a gentle voice that transcends all religions and walks of life. I can say that the pope has chosen Philadelphia to spread his message…and I remain thrilled.

 “My only regret is the decisions of Philadelphia leaders,” he continued. “Instead of engaging the citizens and businesses around this great city in welcoming the Pope, they have instead decided to roll out the red carpet for everyone making the pilgrimage, and roll us up in the carpet to place in storage until Monday. I imagine a man like this Pope would like to see Philadelphia as is. We are the fabric of this city yet it seems as if the people that make this city great were by in large… an afterthought.”


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