Trump to Pope: Talk is Cheap. Let Refugees into the Vatican. Then we’ll talk.

Talk is cheap. In these turbulent times talk, especially political talk, is very cheap. The Supreme Pontiff’s address to the U.S. Congress was a remarkable display of baptized Marxism wrapped up in the worst speech delivery I have ever heard.

Of course the Pontiff’s message was immediately hailed as poignant, liberating, hopeful message, a triumph of “Moral Turpitude” on the immigration crisis that impacts the U.S.

The cynical media had of course a tangental purpose, immediately pointing fingers at Trump: Donald Trump is a Protestant Imperialist-pig who is motivated by the golden cafe not the golden rule.

The Guardians chief reporter Ed Pilkington, wrote:

We expected Pope Francis to deliver strong words on immigration, but if I were Donald Trump I’d be quaking in my boots. The frontrunner Republican…..



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