Sorry folks you have been played again.

It's not even a false flag it's a HOAX.

So many "dead" and no official photos when all people this days have smart phones.

No clear picture of dead people no video.

Just this Muppet Show picture that we will expose it right now.

Imagery in part thanks to one of our posters

It truly is a Zionist world where these hideous ones, these rogue elements on this planet earth, can wantonly murder people while then faking the deaths of others: all for their own greedy, malicious gains. While the Zionists murder countless innocent, defenseless people in bombing attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and more, doing so in broad daylight – while they do this in the dark of the night these criminal minds faked a Paris-based terror attack.

There was no Nov. 2015 that is Friday the 13th, terrorist attack in France. It was all fake, proven, here.

Yet, why was it faked? It was done in order to perpetuate further arch-Zionist crimes, particularly the criminal enterprise known as Apartheid Greater Israel.

It seems real enough. It does look like actual human elements, dead bodies or, perhaps, people about to die from bleeding wounds. Yet, in many ways it doesn’t look real, for instance, the glaringly obvious anomaly of the smearing about of the red matter, which people presume to be blood, with what was obviously some sort of mop or broom. In real crime scenes that is never done.

Regarding the red matter, which is obviously of uniform color, here is what one of our posters has made evidence, a man who is in the midst of real blood as an ambulance driver:

I work as an Ambulance driver. When we arrive at an accident, the blood which has left the bodies of the victims has usually begun deoxygenating und turning dark. Hemoglobin holds onto oxygen to carry it around your body. Hemoglobin takes on a different shape when oxygenated and appears more “red” when fully oxygenated. When the oxygen molecules leave the hemoglobin, the substance changes shape and appears to be very dark. When blood leaves your body, your red blood cells die and the hemoglobin eventually becomes deoxygenated. Blood that has recently left a body has a much brighter red color due to the fact it is oxygenated by the air. The eventual death of the red blood cells releases the oxygen, turning the hemoglobin dark red and even appearingly black. So, when was this picture taken if it took the police two hours to get in the building?

The blood in the picture is bright red, It should be almost black.


So, in fact, it isn’t realistic after all and, rather, raises suspicions even on an initial glance.

It becomes even more unrealistic when zooming in on the imagery. Murderous death is taboo; most people would never give associated images thorough scrutiny. The shock element alone prevents the vast majority of people from inspecting any murder- or death-associated imagery. Upon such careful inspection the narrative for the purported concert attack by ISIS fanatics breaks down: completely. That’s because the entities seen on the theater floor aren’t humans of any kind. Rather, they are cadaver dummies, also known as Dapper Cadavers. The entities are also known as stunt dummies. Here, they are called staging dummies. A variety of these entities can be seen here:

Notice the pelvis. No human has such anatomy. Furthermore, the legs are in an anatomically impossible position. The entity is supposed to be dead. Really, she’s dead? They why is her right thigh and lower not flaccidly fallen to the ground?

How about these components? How can they be real people? See the bizarre nature of the neck and face of the entity in red. Notice also the exceedingly large feet. There is no way that these are real people. Yet, the shock overwhelms all and thus the majority of people are completely bamboozled.

What does that pool of red matter relate to? Why is the coat and shirt pulled up? How in the world has feet which are that large? Regardless, who are these people? They bear no resemblance to any of the supposed dead. Moreover, none of them have a resemblance to any human. Their faces are indistinct; none of them have real eyes, mouths, noses, or other normal features.

This (fake) woman seems to be propping herself up despite being ‘dead.’ How is that possible?

Staging dummies are reticulated. That’s so they can be put into a multiplicity of poses, just as they were in the LAX shooting hoax:

All these criminal minds have to do is dress up any such stunt dummy, paint it with a bit of fake blood, and the whole world will consume it as true.

Regarding the use of mops and brooms for spreading tempura paint there is a forerunner – the Israelis do this in the Zionist strip:

The reticulated nature of the dummies of the France theater shooting hoax can be clearly seen here:

There is no difference between the two. They are both reticulated dummies, mere stage props.

Regarding the reticulated dummy of the France theater shooting hoax he, like the other, has his hands and arms in the hair, which would be impossible for a dead person. The corpse, a real one, suffers from decorticate status, which means that there can be no muscle tone. Thus, unless supported, all the limbs must collapse downward.

Dummies can appear realistic. This is what is fooling most people.

The other dummies used in this arch-fake shooting hoax are as follows:

Notice the compressed nature of the fake legs. It’s just like is seen in the dummies of the Dapper Cadaver website.

This is absolutely a supreme, grandiose fake. No one can prove otherwise. The fake is done in order to support an extremist agenda of rabid Zionist agents, including the arch-pro-Zionist Rothschild clique. The purpose is to create the sense of support for further murderous, destructive actions by high-level Zionist Jews, including the powerful, wealthy Jews of Europe, England, Australia, and the United States. The purpose is to invade Syria at any cost, also to conquer the Hezbollah: all in order to sustain and advance Zionist machinations.


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  1. Come on to Paris and you will see really dead people, bastards !!



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