By Lisa Haven

In a bizarre twist of news Europe’s refugee crisis has just been shortened by 700 refugees. No one knows where they have gone or how they have “mysteriously vanished.” But one thing is for certain they are gone!

Because these refugees hadn’t registered nothing is known about who they are or exactly where they have gone. 

According to Sputnik News:

“Some have speculated that the immigrants departed from the mostly rural province to either reunite with their relatives or to look for more attractive places to stay elsewhere in Germany or even abroad, according to the Locals. Others point to failures to provide adequate housing for refugees.”

Gary Franchi at the Next News Network, brings us the latest… 

Zero Hedge speculates:

“What would be more disturbing is if one or more of the “disappeared” refugees were to reappear in a violent capacity elsewhere in Germany, or Europe, leading to bloodshed or casualties. At that point the revulsion against the migrant invasion will surely overflow leading to a far greater crisis, one based on ethnicity and ideology, than anything the “new”, “united” Europe has suffered yet revealing just how little in Europe has actually changed in the past 100 years.”


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