Today I found something I’d never seen before, actual hidden camera footage of a satanic sacrifice in a masonic temple in Turkey! A goat is being sacrificed on a satanic symbol right in the lodge!

Somebody risked their life getting this footage out to the world and it must be shared with everybody so we can bring more people out of satanic freemasonry and to their only hope – Jesus Christ. You can’t be a Christian and be a Mason no matter what the Masons tell you!

In the first part of the video, you’ll see two initiates going through a masonic ceremony and pledging their allegiance to this disgusting craft of satan. Next, you’ll see an animal sacrifice in the ledge where a Master Mason drinks the blood of the sacrificed goat!

The second video is by a former mason and it goes over in detail what they do at the ceremony for the 33rd degree. It’s obvious that those that despise Jesus Christ get moved to the higher ranks immediately and this 33rd degree mason found this out himself right after his interview for the 33rd degree!

The third video shows a Mason Shriner that admits he loves Lucifer!

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