We told you folks that CIA and Mossad, USA and Israel are involved in Russian Plane Crash. 

Now we gonna present you the evidence.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) have reported that two CIA assets have been captured and arrested due to their ‘masterminding’ of the Sinai plane crash of Flight 9268.

The SVR believe that Flight 9268 was tricked into flying at an unusually low altitude by two CIA assets, and was then shot down by a British made surface-to-air missile provided by Saudi Arabia and given to ISIS. reports:

After the capture of these two CIA “assets” and their “highly sophisticated” equipment, this report continues, a Ministry of Emergencies (EMERCOM) “special flight” was dispatched to Yemen’s capitol of Sanaa where it landed successfully by using as cover one of the most powerful cyclones to hit this nation in its entire history.

Upon this EMERCOM “special flight” landing in Sanaa, this report says, the two CIA “assets” and their equipment, along with the Spetsnaz troops that captured them, then boarded the plane but wererefused to be allowed to take off again by Saudi military aircraft who under Obama regime control are bombing this nation into utter and complete famine.

Within hours though, this report states, Aerospace Forces “countermeasures” employed against the Saudis was successful thus allowing this EMERCOM “special flight” to depart from Sanaa and return safely to Federation airspace.

This report further explains that President Putin’s banning of all flights to this region could not have been made prior to the successful removal of these CIA “assets” and their equipment from Yemen this morning, and whose “special flight” was further protected by an Iranian C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft flying into Syria that “confused/distorted” Western military radar systems.

Federation fears that the Obama regime would attempt to destroy this EMERCOM “special flight”, this report further explains, were raised when the US rushed to their base in Turkey a squadron of F-15 air-to-air fighter aircraft, and whose only mission in this region would be for the deliberate targeting of Russian aircraft attacking Islamic State terrorists.

Even more astounding, this report continues, within 72 hours of downing of Flight 9268 over Egypt, both the CIA and Saudis announced that they would be providing to the Islamic terrorists operating in Syria even more shoulder fired missiles capable of downing civilian aircraft.

With the British government “knowing full well” that their missile brought down Flight 9268, and the Obama regime knowing too the CIA’s complicity, this report concludes, it is no surprise that these Western allies have now been flooding their propaganda press outlets with “stories” of this catastrophe being caused by a bomb—a claim to which the SVR is not accepting and causing the Foreign Ministry to state it is “shocked” that these Western warmongers are using secret information which they won’t share.

US & Israel Conducted ‘War Games’ At Russian Plane Crash Location

Startling new revelations show that both the US and Israel were conducting war games in the Arava desert when Flight 9268 dropped off the radar, shortly before breaking up in mid-air and crashing in the Sinai, Egypt.

The Russian plane crash has been blamed on ISIS fighters shooting it down, but now evidence has emerged, via Israeli state media, that an operation named “Blue Skies” or “Blue Flag” was taking place at the exact location and at the exact time as the crash.

As reported by The Times Of Israel, in their headline, Blue Skies: Israeli, American, Greek, and Polish air personnel square off against a fictional enemy state in two-week drill (Oct. 30, 2015):

“Air forces from around the world have gathered deep in the Arava desert in the south of Israel for the past week and a half to take part in the largest aerial exercise in the history of the Israeli Air Force.

The “Blue Flag” exercise, which is continuing through November 3, pits the Israeli Air Force, the United States Air Force, Greece’s Hellenic Air Force and the Polish Air Force against a fictional enemy state, the captain in charge of all IAF exercises told The Times of Israel Thursday night.”

American Everyman reports:

Why is this significant? Well, just take a look at two maps.

Are you kidding me? The Israelis and US running an air-force combat drill in the same general area of the downed Russian passenger plane?



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