Putin says NO to the NWO which makes Jacob Rothschild a little nervous. He needs Russia on their side to fulfill and complete this Agenda but Putin says NO and will fight against this. Obama is really getting on Putin’s nerves though because he can’t see why he’s doing the things he’s doing to his own people and warning Americans “Keep your Guns”!!

N362575 03:(EUROPE OUT) FILE PHOTO: Vladimir Putin in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1970. (Photo by Laski Diffusion)
Putin 1970
I know no more than anyone else about Putin, but I can deduce some things that might make sense.  First,  He would not have reached as high up as he has, just like in America, if he had not been one of them and on their side. He would never have been head of their intelligence KGB if he was not one of them, and he would never have made it to President.   Does that mean he could not turn on them and betray them?  No, it just means that even if he had, he still has not suffered like others who have betrayed the group.


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  1. Of course it does not mean hes evil just because he have played their game and won...

    JFK did the exact same thing, sadly they managed to kill him before he could awaken the rest of the country.

  2. Even within the Illuminati, there is discord... Putin does not embrace the western ideology of a new world order .... here's why,

  3. Ur wrong the 4 beast that make up the anti - christ : Russia the feet of anti-christ , Islamic state ( Syria and Iraq ) body of the anti christ , britain is the head / voice of the anti - christ and the us are the wings that lift up the voice of the anti - christ . and the 4 beast that make up the antichrist ( from left to right ) the bear , leopard , lion and eagle .



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