Zionism is a Nationalist movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, Which today is known as Israel (Palestine prior).
(The name of "Zionism" comes from the hill Zion, the hill on which the Temple of Jerusalem was situated.)

Supporters of this movement are called "Zionists".
Today there is much confusion among Jews over the meaning of the term Zionism. It means different things to different people. Its important to make note of the fact that Zionism and Judaism are totally different things and you don't need to be a Jew to be a Zionist (or visa versa).

The reason for this is that historically, Zionism has been a movement dominated by secularist Jews. Herzl and most of his colleagues were assimilated Jews, who did not believe in or practice the Torah. Some Zionists were vehemently anti-religious, and saw the Torah and mitzvos as outdated rituals with no place in their modern state. [1] [2]

The success of Zionism has meant that the percentage of the world's Jewish population who live in Israel has steadily grown over the years and today 40% of the world's Jews live in Israel. There are currently 6.1 million Jews living in modern day Israel (around 75% of the population). You could almost call it a Jewish Caliphate. [3] [4]

For decades, Israel has denied Palestinians their fundamental rights of freedom, equality, and self-determination through ethnic cleansing, colonization, racial discrimination, and military occupation. Despite abundant condemnation of Israeli policies by the UN, other international bodies, and preeminent human rights organisations, the world community has failed to hold Israel accountable and enforce compliance with basic principles of law. Israel’s crimes have continued with impunity. [5]

In summary, this analysis shows that Israel was established by the Zionist movement over 60 years ago with the intention and effect of achieving the permanent removal en masse of the indigenous, predominantly Arab population of Palestine for the purpose of Jewish colonization and development of a “Jewish state.”

This amounts to a policy of population transfer (ethnic cleansing) which is defined as the “systematic, coercive and deliberate… movement of population into or out of an area … with the effect or purpose of altering the demographic composition of a territory, particularly when that ideology or policy asserts the dominance of a certain group over another.” [6]

The widespread and systematic manner in which Israel has since violated international human rights and humanitarian law and defied UN resolutions, as well as the manner in which Israel has institutionalized its policy of population transfer – through discriminatory martial and civil law and administrative mechanisms – supports the conclusion that Israel’s current regime over the Palestinian people should be characterized as a system combining apartheid, occupation and colonialism.

Apartheid refers to a social system that separates and discriminates against people based on race or ethnicity when that system is institutionalized by laws or decrees. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court defines apartheid as acts “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime”. [7]

Over 2,000 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. [8]

During Fiscal Year 2014, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $8.5 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians. [9] [10]

80 per cent of Palestinians killed in the most recent Israeli offensive were civilians [11]

"While Gazans suffer from daily power shutdowns, Israel is signing an important deal to sell gas to Jordan, gas which, researchers say, was stolen from Palestinians. In addition to confiscating Palestine’s energy resources, Israel has destroyed Gaza’s only power station in its latest military offensive." On July 29, 2014, (RT reported:)

Over a million people in Gaza could be without electricity after Israeli tank shells hit the fuel depot of the enclave’s only power station, causing it to shut down. Its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, said, “The power plant is finished.” (Gaza’s only power plant shut down by Israeli shelling, RT, July 29, 2014) [11]


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