Muslim hatred for Americans worldwide has nothing to do with Trump’s rhetoric that has turned Muslims “against the United States of America.” Nor does the the “bloviating” by the candidates about the refugees have anything to do with the angst of Muslims against America.

McCain: Donald Trump Is Turning Muslims Against The US

Nothing that Trump or any other of the candidates have said has made “Muslims all over the world” turn against the U.S., but rather the leaders of Middle Eastern nations that call America the “Great Satan”, in the name of Allah, since before you were born and Islam has been at war with the Christian West for 1500 years.

As expected, Trump responded to ‘Dear John’ because of the remarks on Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” He addressed the statements on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” on Monday, immediately challenging McCain’s flawed statements.

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According to John McCain it is Trumps fault that Muslim nations around the world don’t love the United States. He thinks that Islam is an honorable religion and evidently has forgotten 9/11 or even the recent Paris attacks. There is nothing honorable in a religion that condones the murderous rampages done in the name of Allah.

Trump responded to McCain on Monday, to counter his point that the “rhetoric was turning Muslims against the United States of America.”

“I don’t think he has a point because I would say that we are not exactly loved by many Muslims, whether it is 10 percent like you said on the show this morning, or whether it’s a much larger percent,” Trump said. “You saw the soccer game the other day where they were giving a minute of silence. I assume you saw that where the stadium burst out and shouting out things that even the soccer players were very embarrassed. Nobody knew what to do. They were doing Muslim chants and that was a week ago or less than a week ago.”

John is wrong. It is well beyond time for America to break up with him.


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