Burger King has caved to the pressure from Islam, and they just made an announcement that they will ONLY serve 100% halal meat, under the rules of Sharia Law.

The announcement comes from their chains in France, which is the same country that recently suffered from a deadly Islamic terrorist attack just one month ago.

Burger King

This rule also means their French stores won’t serve bacon or chicken… The Islamification of the West is spreading, and they are demanding we all live by their rules!

French competition authorities last week gave the green light for Burger King’s takeover of the 405 outlets of Quick in France.

But it’s not over in France for the Belgian fast-food chain yet, sources told Le Parisien on Tuesday.

Burger King is reportedly going to keep around 40 stores under the name Quick – around ten percent of the total in France – and switch their meat so it is entirely halal, the paper reported.

This means all bacon and pork-based meals will be scrapped from the menu and all the beef and chicken used will be certified halal.

The move is understood to be part of Burger King’s continued attempt to take on McDonald’s – the behemoth of the French fast food world with around 1,300 stores.

Quick already has around 20 halal restaurants in France, where all the meat used comes from animals slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law.

The restaurants have proven to be winners in a country with an estimated Muslim population of 5 million – the biggest in Europe.



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