Putin offers Russian refuge to European Jews for the false allegation of "anti-Semitism".
Putin has lost it. Jews are not even Semites.

Focusing on the tragic events in France last year Vyacheslav Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress (ECJ), said that European Jews are facing mass discrimination, the biggest since the end of World War II.

President of Austrian Jewish Community Ariel Muzicant and President of European Jewish Congress Viatcheslav Kantor during President Vladimir Putin's meeting with representatives of the European Jewish Congress in the Kremlin, January 19, 2016. © RT

"The position of Jews in Europe today is the worst since the end of World War Two. Jews [are] gripped by fear and the very real new Exodus of Jews from Europe," Kantor told Putin.

Based on Kantor's estimates, there has been a 40 percent annual rise in cases of anti-Semitism in Europe in recent years. He blamed the increase of hatred towards Jews on the worsening economic situation in Europe following the global financial crisis of 2008.

All Fake folks wake up.

This people are deceiving you.

Putin also serves the Jews.

Why Putin and Israel sing the deal before Russia attack Isis not to attack each other?

It seams like Putin is not fighting the Zionists Rotchilds Banksters. But his fighting just for his profit with cooperation with the Jewish Zionists banksters.

"For example, the emigration flow from France, which only yesterday seemed so safe, is bigger than from Ukraine, [which is] engulfed in civil conflict. Why are the Jews fleeing from Europe? They run...not only because of terrorist acts against our communities in Toulouse, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, now in Marseilles, but because of the fear to just appear in the streets of European cities."

Jews celebrate Hanukkah on Manezhnaya Square in downtown Moscow. © Ruslan Krivobok

President Putin replied: "Let them [Jews] come to us then," adding that "during the Soviet period they were leaving the country, and now they should return."

Kantor called Putin's proposal a “new fundamental idea” that the Congress will take up for debate.

Let them come and lets start history again and mass killings of Orthodox Russia Christians in Fema Camps just like the Jews did in Societ Gilag murdering with Bolshevism and Communism 100 million christians.

Wake Up world. Wake Up Russia and don't let this fake jews and their Cabala and Talmud in Russia again like in Soviet union 80-85% of the Government were Jews!!!


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