Celebrities boycotting Israel should be blacklisted in Hollywood, coming from zionist jew comedy legend Jackie Mason told "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on Sunday according to a report by Breitbart.

Comedian Jackie Mason

Where is the freedom of speech here? Or when The Israel and the jews are mention then all people are antisemites. Coming from zionists jews the biggest racist and anti all people (gentiles) in the world.  Till when we will tolerate this bs so called jews. 

Or becouse Hollywood is Jewish from the beginning they create the movie stars and celebrities so now NO one of them should criticize Apartheid racist state Israel and their people Synagog of Satan Zionists Jews. we should all clap our hands to isael when they kill and murder Palestinian children and woman. 

According to Mason, it is "disgusting" that celebrities who have profited from Jewish producers and directors, people who have advanced their careers with the help of Jewish people, would then turn around and boycott Israel.

"If not for the Jews who created the industry in Hollywood, all these people would never have a job and would never be working," Mason told Klein. "The Jews supported them all their lives. And the Jews made it possible for them to make a living.”

Mason asserted that without the help of the Jewish people, most of Hollywood's biggest celebrities would be working day jobs "making 40 dollars a week for the rest of their lives."

It is because of the Jews, Mason claimed, that they became successful and famous and the Jews are making them billions of dollars.

“If they had any decency they would want to go out of their way to help Jewish people and to save Jewish people because the State of Israel represents the people who made it possible for them to ever become a celebrity in the first place," Mason ascertained. "If not for them you would be starving to death today.”

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