Not Iran, China, Russia or N. Korea. Fact is, in a European poll, Israel was deemed to be the No.1 threat to world peace. This should hardly be a surprise for no other country displays anything like the wanton disregard for international law as Israel does.

 It has way more UN resolutions tabled against it than any other country while its capacity to inflict chronically disproportionate attacks that border on the Genocidal on the Palestinians who are every bit as occupied as the French were under the Nazis, seems to hold no bounds.

But then this is all come about at a time when Zionists have virtually total control over the flow of information. 

The entire mainstream media is their’s to do as they see fit & you best believe they literally make it up as they go along. 

Needless to say this poll’s findings was never revealed in mainstream news & I often wonder just how many more people would be marking X in Israel’s box had the media been independent & so free to report the truth.


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