The terror-ravaged neighbourhood of al-Zahra'a, in Homs, has again mercilessly been hit by Western&Saudi-backed terrorists' bombings. Local journalists put the number of murdered at 57 now, some hours after the double-vehicle bombing earlier today. 

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Saed Mutanus al-Khashoof, from the Christian village of Sadad but living in al-Zahra’a, killed in today’s terrorist explosions.
Russia Today reports:
The explosions at a traffic light at al-Siteen Street in the al-Zahra neighborhood happened within minutes of each other, witnesses said. ...Witnesses said at least one of the two blasts was triggered by a suicide bomber driving a car.

A follow-up bombing after an initial blast is a common terrorist tactic,which allows them to hit first responders, who rush to help victims....
Al-Zahra'a has been repeatedly targeted by western-backed terrorists, with almost no condemnation from the same leaders who cried for Paris. 

I wrote about this in January 2016 for Russia Today:
On December 12, 2015, terrorists car-bombed, then suicide-bombed, the al-Zahra'a neighborhood of Homs, Syria, killing at least 16 civilians and injuring over 50, according to initial reports from Syrian State media (later updates noted 20 dead and over 100 injured). The deaths and destruction from the initial car-bombing—near the Ahli Hospital—was made worse since the terrorists set off their bomb next to a natural gas delivery truck. Later, a terrorist returned to the scene and detonated his explosive vest among rescuers who had come to help the injured.

This pattern repeated itself on December 28, 2015, in al-Zahra'a, where a car bomb followed by a suicide bomb, killed up to 30 civilians, and injured over 100, according to Syrian state media initial reports. Again, onJanuary 26, terrorists car and suicide bombed al-Zahra'a, killing at least 24 and injuring over 100, many critically-so, according to Syrian state media.

The al-Zahra'a district of Homs had been terror-bombed many times prior to the December 12 attacks, as have other areas of Homs, including the Ekrama district, which suffered a school bombing on October 1, 2014. There, terrorists car and suicide-bombed next to the school, killed 45 people, mostly children and women, according to al-Masdar News. Video footage showed terrified, maimed and dead children being carried away from the school....
Tragically, on the same day as this latest terror act by NATO's mercenaries in al-Zahra'a, the Damascus residential district of Sayyida Zeinab suffered three terrorist bombings. 

The most recent update on SANA news noted:
Death toll from the three terrorist bombings in al-Sayyida Zeinab rose to 83, while 178 citizens were wounded....Al-Sayyida Zeinab area was rocked on January 31th with a terrorist bombing with a car bomb which targeted a bus in Koa Soudan area followed by two suicide bombings with explosive belts, killing 45 persons and injuring 100 others.
As usual, most western media deigning to report either of these terror attacks is doing so without the emphatic condemnation that would be present were these attacks on western soil, and with the same loaded sectarian terminology. An "Alawi" neighbourhood; a "Shia" neighbourhood. 

Homs-based journalist Muaz Nukkari explained to me: "Many of Sadad's Christian families moved to al-Zahra'a neighbourhood because ISIS fighters are 3 km from Sadad. So, they moved to al-Zahra'a." 

Similarly, Nukkari noted: "In Saieyda Zaynab not all of them are Shia as the media says... Many of them are Sunni." 

This MSM relegating of particular areas as merely "Shia" or "Alawi" is an attempt to paint them as somehow nor worthy of our sympathies, something I've written on in the past.
Western media's coverage of the Beirut attack was loaded with sectarian lexicon, essentially relegating those murdered civilians as belonging to a "Hezbollah stronghold" or a "Shia neighborhood," which to Western readers obscures the fact that - while indeed proudly supportive of Hezbollah - these are everyday humans who have been targeted by terrorism.

The Shia/Sunni Lebanese area is also home to many Christian and Palestinian residents. Visiting in the evening, as when the November 12 attacks occurred, I saw heavy pedestrian, motorcycle and automobile traffic along the narrow streets and lanes that host a number of shops and stalls.

...Take the example of Homs' al-Zahra'a. Any Western media reporting that does cover the repeated terrorist bombings of the neighborhood does so in sectarian and biased lexicon.

The neighbourhood is described as: "an Alawite" area; a "government-held" area (AP).

But it is not described in terms of its reality, a district comprising a majority of Alawis, but also significant numbers of Christians, Sunnis, and Shia, many of whom are Internally Displaced Syrians who have moved to this "government held"area after fleeing the terrorists' violence in their own home areas of Aleppo, Idlib, and elsehwere.

The depiction of al-Zahra'a merely as "an Alawite" district is in line with the NATO alliance's sectarian project, a sectarianism which the vast majority of Syrians continue to refuse. Depicting al-Zahra'a merely as a "government held" area feeds into the Western narrative of obfuscating on the vast amount of support for the Syrian president, and further confuses readers as to the civilian suffering at each terrorist attack in al-Zahra'a.... (Where is the West's compassion & condemnation following terror attacks in Middle East?, Jan 30, 2016, Russia Today)
Homs resident Sleman Miladd implored: "Homs is bleeding. To you and your ‪#‎governments‬ my friends all over the world I say:
Save our souls.
Protect our children and women.
Leave us survive in peace.
We want nothing from you but peace.
We want nothing from you but to treat us as ‪#‎human‬ beings.
We want nothing from you but to put yourselves, families and friends in our shoes.
Would you be happy if this was happening in your countries, and for your people??????
What else will you do to destroy us??
When are you going to be satisfied and cloyed by shedding our blood and tearing our bodies???
I beg you in the name of humanity to put some innocence in your stoney hearts.
To all the martyrs i say:
Rest in peace.
To their families i say:
May God be with you and give you patience and strength."
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