FIGHTING HAS BEGUN! Turkey Shelling into Syria; Directly Attacking Syrian Arab Army and perimeter of Russian Base in Latakia.

According to Jewsnews, those positions are held by the Syrian Arab Army (legitimate, duly-elected government of Syria) and are NOT being aimed at ISIS terrorists! These are direct attacks by Turkey upon the lawful government forces of Syria. With their rebel allies falling to the legitimate government of Syria, Turkey has now begun shelling into Syria to aid their Rebel forces and ISIS Terrorists.

Sources on the ground inside Syria claim that the Turks began a furious artillery barrage at about 6:00 AM eastern US time today. Turkey is also targeting the Kurdish YPG.

It is unclear at this time, whether the YPG is pro-Bashar Assad and his duly elected government, but it is clear that YPG directly engaged and destroyed ISIS in past battles. So on the surface, it appears that YPG are the “good guys” and Turkey is attacking them!

Russia Prime Minister has warned US and Arab Countries Not to Dare Entering Syria With Armies threatening:

If Russia initiates an offensive against Turkey, even though they may have lawful grounds to do so, it is clear that Turkey will appeal to NATO and having been “attacked” will try to invoke Article 5 of the NATO self-defense agreement. That would require NATO to come to the defense of Turkey, thus engaging Russia directly.

One intelligence source in the US, “This Has Disaster Written All Over It.”

UPDATE: 12:32 PM EST — Turkish warplanes are flying on the Turkey side of the Turkey/Syria Border, fast and low. Russian warplanes are flying on the Syrian side of the Turkey/Syria border. If any single one of these pilots flies across — or fires across – the border, “all hell could break lose” today.

URGENT: 1:56 PM Eastern US Time, 13 February 2016 — Stratfor is now confirming Russia has dispatched a ship to the Mediterranean, to deliver Nuclear-Tipped Cruise Missiles.


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  1. The Beast

    Life can be confusing to say the least
    Every hour of the day we fight an invisible beast
    He puts evil suggestions in our mind
    He tells us to be mean, when we should be kind

    He tells us to lie when we should confess
    He does all that he can to make our lives a mess
    He makes us do things that we normally would not do
    He railroads us on that train that leads to a human zoo

    He controls our lives with that sneaky inner voice
    He tells us to steal candy, or perhaps a Rolls Royce
    He puts anger in our hearts, when we should be calm
    He puts a knife in our words, sometimes in our palm

    He has come to kill, steal and destroy
    It is his evil wrath we must avoid
    He is trying to steal our reservations up above
    And put anger in the place of love

    Satan is truly the devious beast from hell
    Throwing away souls in a bottomless well
    So go to Jesus, avoid Satan’s strife
    Then you may drink from the fountain of life

    Rebuke Satan, hells masterly beast
    Who dwells in our minds, our life is his feast
    Ignore Satan’s little voice and judge with your heart
    Trust in the Lord and someday in heaven you may take part

    by Wayne Hoss



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