Long-time Republican and National Security Advisor to President Richard Nixon Henry Kissinger could endorse Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a Politico report Friday.

Dr. Henry Kissinger. The former U.S. Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize winner has a doctorate in government and zero medical experience. (Photo: Getty Images)

The news came from former Secretary of State George Shultz who served under President Ronald Reagan. The conversation started at Stanford a few weeks ago, when Shultz answered “God help us” in response to a possible win by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Shultz added he planned to make a joint endorsement of the Democratic nominee with Kissinger, telling Politico reporters that there was no time for Trump to earn an endorsement from the pair on Thursday.

Citing Clinton’s “deep knowledge of Mexico,” Shultz said that it was important to consider who should take office. “When the next president takes office, if he or she turns inwards, the chaos will only develop more.”
Shultz did add that the pair is “going to do it together,” because “It will have more impact.” Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson told Politico, “we don’t know anything about it.”


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